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     I left China in September 2012 so this page will not be updated from now on. All the times were correct when I left but they might change.
     All the best with your time in China. I had a very good time in China, met lots of people and made lots of friends, especially through the church.
     Best Regards
     Peter Legrove

YiDe Lu Catholic Cathedral Mass Timetable

This is the timetable for the Cathedral on Yide Lu

There are 4 Catholic Churches in GZ, at the moment I think. Five now I think.
The big one is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral in YiDe Lu near HaiZhu Square past all the rip off wholesale markets.

My Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the Catholic Church in Guangzhou. I just sit in a back pew on Sunday Morning. The information here is accurate at the time of writing but times change.

A new Church has just opened but I don't know where.

See if you can work out how to get there. The red triangle at the bottom right is where the church is, I think.

     The new Chapel is called the St. Francis Chapel in Dong Shan.

     These are the phone numbers 020 - 37671379
and the mobile 13924197264. I don't know if Father John Peng speaks English.

     Here is the address 26 Shan He Hou Jie Yue Xiu Qu Guangzhou. It is off PeiZheng Lu and that is off Xuguyuan Lu. Go out Dong Shan Subway exit A on the left. Walk past the Watsons then turn left and you should see Xuguyuan Lu on your right.

    These directions I've only been told, I have never been there so they are second hand directions. It is about 15 to 20 minutes walk. All the best finding the new Chapel

    The next biggest Church is on Shamian Island on the same street as Starbucks but closer to the RenMin Bridge. Church time is 8:30 am Sunday Morning and 7:00 am during the week. The Mass is in Cantonese but the Priest, Father Peter (Father Chen), speaks English. Usually there are a number of foreigners who go to this church.

     Most Sundays an Italian Priest, Father Mario, will be an alter boy. Foreign Priests are not allowed to serve Mass, so he helps Father Peter out. Handy Little Church, not too crowded and within 10 minutes of Starbucks, what more do you want.

      The Little Church has just been renovated so it looks pretty good. Lovely stained glass windows.

Check out the video. This video is before the Church was rennovated

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      The other Catholic Church everyone just calls the Hard To Find Church and it is a bit difficult to find. it is probably better to get someone to take you their first. But if you can read Chinese here is the map. It is across the river on the South Side and it is off Hongde Lu and the roadway is right next to the ICBC Bank. The little black cross is the Red Cross Hospital, where the bus stop is. The nearest subway stop is the Number 2 Worker's Palace I think about 15 minutes walk away.

     The Mass times at this Church are 8:00 Sunday Morning. The service is in Mandarin or Cantonese depending on who takes the Mass. If the Priest speaks Mandarin the people answer in Cantonese. Father John is the Parish Priest and he only speaks Mandarin.
     Here are some videos from the Church.


<br/>Hard to find Church
This is the map in Chinese, still very hard to find

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      It seems every Church has different times.
      The other Church is in Tian He somewhere. I don't know where, people just call it the Tian He Chapel. 
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